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Oct 12, 2012 11:00am EDT
final journey, we think as it slowly makes its way through the streets of los angeles. tony tull joins us with a look. >> for the last 30 years people watched in awe as space shuttles blasted off into the sky. today, los angeles will get an up close look at" endeavor" comes through the streets. here is a live look at "endeavour" makes its way through the streets. it was flown to l.a. on top of a jumbo jet. after nasa retired the fleet, several shuttles were given to museums. this one will go on display at the california science museum. it almost looked like a parade as people lined the streets to see the shuttle move at 2 miles an hour down the streets. to prepare, the city had to cut down 400 trees and dismantle dozens of stop ligs to make sure it can squeeze on through there. the shuttle will come within inches of a building. at some point, the shuttle will arrive at the museum tomorrow evening. barbara, as for today, it's going to manchester into englewood and will take a stop at the famous l.a. landmark, randy's doughnuts. they have a special thing going on there. they'll have a sp
Oct 5, 2012 11:00am EDT
. >> summer is over, but the price of gas is on the rise jumping nearly 20 cents a gallonover night. in los angeles will the same thing happen in washington? chris brown released a video saying he's caught in a love triangle with rihanna and his recently dumped girlfriend. is this a pr move? we'll explore that. >>> a local family inspired about a story on the "today" show that gave a little girl the independence she needed. now, the little girl has a special service dog. >> keith? >> i can't wait. >>> time for a final check of the forecast. tom? >> with pleasure. what a gorgeous day we have under way. low humidity in play. lots of sunshine. there's a front that is getting closer to us. that front is going to begin to move our way by later this afternoon and we'll have a clear sky tonight. as we get into tomorrow, that's when we have the possibility of an afternoon shower and rainy, wet sunday only in the 50s, i'm afraid. >> well, wear your pink anyway. be sure to remember to get a mammogram. i promised her i would say that. >> go nats. >> yeah. >> double the trouble this weekend. that's new
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2